Firstly, we want to endorse the pioneering work of international NGOs, unions and social enterprises across the globe. Organisations like IndustriALL, Labour Behind the Label, Fairtrade International, Oxfam, Fashion for Good, Future Tech Lab Better Work, Clean Clothes Campaign, CARE, TRAID, Traidcraft, War on Want and Fair Wear Foundation. Thanks to these pioneers and many others, social and environmental issues to do with the fashion industry and human rights issues are more visible and better understood than ever before. These are the organisations from whom we draw inspiration from.

This should go without saying, but at SLO, we strive to enforce the ILO’s fundamental principles for rights at work. We also expect our partners to meet our high expectations of respect for the environment. We at SLO take these extremely seriously and work closely with our suppliers to work towards exceeding these requirements.


1. No Child Labour

Our Yulex® suppliers work towards the prevention of child labour through providing computer labs, medical and dental care, career counselling and guidance, and helping young adults with placements outside of the plantation.

Our SeaTrees partners provide resources for local schools so that children remain in schools giving them the education they need to get ahead.


2. Wages and benefits of employment

Our partnership with SeaTrees pays local community workers a days living wage in Indonesia and the Kenyan plantations provide a source of revenue to the locals.


3. Environment

We take the environmental impact of our operations very seriously and work hard to minimise our impacts as far as possible. We are mindful of our carbon offset and as such have successfully become carbon-neutral and expect the same drive of our suppliers and partners.

Our Yulex® pieces are FSC® Certified meaning they are de-forestation free and sustainable as it comes from renewable Hevea rubber.

The work carried out by SeaTrees to replenish the mangrove and kelp forests in order to sequester carbon is part of the reason we are carbon neutral.


4. Employment is freely chosen

Yulex® ensures that no forced labour occurs in any process of making Yulex® from plantation to factory which is supported by their FSC® Certification.


We also strive to enforce:

5. Anti-Slavery and Trafficking

6. No Discrimination

7. Discipline

8. Health and safety

Read our full code of conduct here