At SLO, we are committed to promoting sustainability and carbon neutrality. We are proud to say that we are a sustainable brand and a completely carbon neutral one too from materials to manufacturing to distribution.
We use Yulex® for our garments which are FSC® Certified, meaning not only does it not harm the environment but also protects the plantation workers rights.
Made from Hevea trees, a natural source of rubber and incredibly in demand right now.

Only 4% of global rubber plantation is FSC® Certified. 

Yulex® is committed to growing Hevea trees sustainably and deforestation-free.
Mangrove Trees
We also work with SeaTrees planting Mangrove Trees in Biak Island, Indonesia and Mida Creek Watamu, Kenya.
By planting Mangrove Trees we are able to boost marine life for the local fishing industry, provide food and jobs for the workers planting and protecting the trees.
Each mangrove tree sequesters approximately 308kg of C02 during its lifetime.
They also hold other benefits such as:
          • Being a habitat for marine life
          • Providing a source of food for coastal communities
          • Storing carbon in their roots which are 5x more effective at sequestering carbon than a terrestrial rainforest
          • Protect coastlines from erosion and flooding
Kelp Forest
Alongside mangrove forests, our partnership with SeaTrees also restores kelp forests in California, USA.
Kelp ecosystems in California have been disappearing in the last 10 years. In some parts of the state, more than 90% of kelp forests have disappeared as purple sea urchins take over. Purple sea urchins often create barrens that prevent kelp from growing. These sea urchins need to be removed so kelp can naturally restore itself and sea urchin predators can keep the population growing again.
Kelp forests provide habitat and food for over 700 species of algae, invertebrates, and fish.
Recent studies show that kelp can sequester more carbon than mangrove forests.
SLO’s 7 M’s Model


Our family-run Italian factory partner is also committed to sustainable and zero waste processes.

With our MMMMMMM… model, we carefully thought out, laid out and exercise minimal carbon emissions and harm to the environment. Our mindset, material, make, methods, move, mend, and more model covers every stage of production from our design thought process to after you’ve received and shown it a lot of love. Learn more about the MMMMMMM model here.


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