Giving back to the ocean is at the heart of everything we do, it’s our way of expressing gratitude. You buy, we give. For every piece that you buy, we will donate to our ocean charity partner, Earth to Ocean. Our self-imposed "Ocean Tax" provides support to the ocean and environmental projects working to defend our water waterways around the globe. Earth to Ocean is dedicated to being active and hands-on for the cause, as well as empowering the right people, always with a grassroots approach.

Earth to Ocean

The ocean is the lifeblood of the Earth. The planet, when seen from space is blue, not green from land or white from ice. Blue because we are an Ocean planet. 70% of Earth’s Oxygen is produced by the ocean. Without it, we simply would not exist.

Ecosystems both underwater and on the land rely on the ocean. Our land-based daily lifestyle (EARTH) as consumers is the main cause of Plastic Pollution in the ocean, negatively impacting marine, terrestrial, freshwater and ecosystems, and the organisms that live in these habitats (OCEAN). This needs to stop.

Our cause

Earth to Ocean

Earth to Ocean is a series of projects dedicated to the Ocean Decade, 30×30 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 12, Responsible Consumption & Production and 14, Life Below Water.

Every year as a minimum, we donate 3% of our revenue (not just profits) to our partner charity, Earth to Ocean. We also plant one mangrove tree for every piece made with SeaTrees.