We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Plastic Oceans (UK) as the third charity part of our EARTH TO OCEAN giving model.

Founded in 2008 to raise funds for their documentary, A Plastic Ocean (2013), Plastic Oceans (UK) has been at the leading front for combatting plastic pollution in our oceans. Their documentary, A Plastic Ocean, was the original film to inspire the “Blue Planet Effect” and has changed the way we think about plastic.

Through their science, sustainability, and education programmes, the charity is bringing awareness to environmental solutions. This includes plantation of natural wetlands to stop plastics from reaching the ocean and influencing governmental organisations to take action to approach environmental policies with a sustainable attitude.

Source: Plastic Oceans (UK)

Three important areas of Plastic Oceans UK’s expertise are:


Recently launched, the foundation is a proud creator of an educational site for primary and secondary schools. As well as assembly presentations and offering lesson plans for those aged five to 16.

They are teaching the new generation to blossom into conscious individuals by asking the big question: Can we learn to live sustainably with plastic?

Source: Plastic Oceans UK


As businesses increasingly become more aware of their plastic footprint, Plastic Oceans (UK) has built programmes allowing a business’s environmental impact to be evaluated and be proposed ways to minimise their effect on the local habitat. More can be discovered about the process on the foundation’s corporate partnerships page on their website.


All of Plastic Ocean’s (UK) resources are curated as a result of a universal collection of scientific resources. As a result, the foundation prioritises funding reviews of the latest scientific research done into environmental concerns.

Ongoing projects include:

Identification of microplastics in freshwater environments

A PhD study investigating methods to identify microplastics in personal care products, with the ultimate objective of locating them in wastewater effluents and in freshwater environments.

Source: Plastic Oceans UK

Environmental audit committee

In 2016, in union with Brunel University London, the foundation provided evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee to support their evaluation of the environmental consequences of microplastics. This support later led to the UK government’s announcement to ban microbeads later that year.

Plastic Oceans (UK) x SLO active

Earlier in 2019, SLO active collaborated with Plastic Oceans UK on a five-day series, publishing the truth behind plastic myths that we see published on the internet every day. The series was informed be by Plastic Oceans (UK) founder, Jo Ruxton.

• • • We cannot wait to continue to work with this amazing charity that shares our core beliefs in improving the ocean for all of us.

May 20, 2019 — Janaya Wilkins