••• Gold Coast Australia-based surfer, model and creative Charlotte Beers shares captivating images of her life by the Gold Coast Australia, a life rich with surf, exploration, creativity and, a baby on the way.  We caught up with Charlotte to chat about her advice for mothers to be and ocean play, her life on the Goldie, and share the beautiful images captured on film by photographer and Charlotte’s partner Calin.

Hey Charlotte!  Tell us about yourself,  where are you from, what do you do?

My name is Charlotte Rose Beers, I’m from Perth, Western Australia now living on the Gold Coast. I am studying to be a marriage celebrant, work in real estate and do a bit of modelling on the side!

The surfing lifestyle, ocean and outdoor living is such a big part of the Gold Coast of Australia. 

How do you consider the environment and why is it important to safeguard it?

The outdoorsy lifestyle is huge over here! Everyone is always outdoors and doing something adventurous on the weekend, that’s the great thing about living here. There’s so many cool places to go and explore and pretty close by too, many waterfalls, mountains, beaches…it’s so great! I think everyone here is pretty good at considering the environment, it’s way more uncommon to come across someone who doesn’t care for our environment than someone who does! Which is such a rad thing. I’m always picking up rubbish and storing it in my bathers if I see it in the ocean…I’ve also been known to give people some ‘friendly’ advice if I see them chuck a cigarette butt out of their car! Worst thing to do!!

What kind of projects do you work on and how do they stoke you out?

Calin is a film photographer, he develops and scans his own film at home. We do a lot of projects - big and small for brands. I do a lot of video work and he shoots a lot of film. He’s either shooting me modeling for a brand or we source out models and he shoots film and I produce little videos. We love working on projects together, we are a good little team! Always bouncing ideas off each other, it works really well.

How has the ocean been important to you during pregnancy?

The ocean has played a huge role during my pregnancy. I would be going crazy if I wasn’t close to the ocean during this period in my life. Floating in the salt water, taking the weight off my body feel so good. Surfing in the ocean up until I was 28 weeks was pretty amazing too. Knowing I was trimming along the wave with a little human inside of me was such an incredible feeling! I wish I was one of those mamas that could surf all the way to the end of their pregnancy but I just didn’t feel comfortable enough and got told to keep my blood pressure down.  So for now it’s just floating, and I recommend it to any pregnant woman. Go float in the ocean, baby.

What are your tips for any women who are keen to keep up ocean play during pregnancy?

Definitely get in the ocean as much as you can and whenever you can! Baby loves being in the water, your swollen feet love being in the water, and your mind loves being in the water!  Don’t push yourself, listen to your body but I highly recommend keeping up ocean play during pregnancy. I always say to myself I never regret a swim in the ocean, but I always regret not going for a swim in the ocean. Good motivation!  

“There’s something about the ocean too, it releases a good amount of oxytocin in us and us pregnant mamas need as much of that as we can!”

What do you love most about your life?

Right now, the family that I have created for myself! My partner Calin and I have such an incredible and special relationship. He has been my rock through thick and thin, I feel so incredibly blessed to have him by my side on my journey through life. Our dog Tyler. He is so in love and protective of his little brother already, it’s the cutest thing! And where we live. On the Gold Coast, it’s such a beautiful part of Australia. I feel incredibly lucky to be where we are and doing what we do!

What did you love about your SLO Active suit?

What I loved most about my SLO suit is the way it shaped my body, even being thick, warm material! It sucked me in and pushed me up in places that needed it, made me feel ultra confident as a pregnant woman wearing my SLO Active piece.

I loooovved my SLO suit at the beach. I went for a little paddle on my log with it and everything stayed in place. Felt really secure and comfortable. I will be using it all the time in the water. Especially being that thicker material, it kept me so nice and warm!

Charlotte captured by Calin on film on the Gold Coast.

April 12, 2023 — Janaya Wilkins