••• We’re so excited to introduce you to our next #FierceFemale. Sunshine Coast, Australia based indigenous model Rachel Chubb has been forging a succesful path as a model, and sat down to talk to us about how she incorporates inspiration from her rich culture and heritage into her work. 20 year old Rachel is passionate about exploring the natural beauty of her home, and was was photographed by Hannah Prewitt at Coolum Beach. All of the beautifful photos were kindly supplied by Hannah. Follow Hannah to find out more about her work.



Hey Rachel! Where are you from in Australia? Tell us about your fascinating family heritage.


I am a descendant of the Bidjara-Garingbal tribe, originally coming from the Carnarvon Ranges, west of Rolleston QLD. My father is a half-caste Aboriginal man, and my mother is of English and Dutch heritage.

“My whole life, my parents have tried to keep my siblings and I connected to our Aboriginal heritage, as there are only 5 tribe members alive to date.”


My grandmother, Madeline was a part of the Stolen Generation. She was taken from her family at the age of 9, to a mission in Wooribinda. She lived and worked there until she sought approval to marry my Grandfather. Due to the Stolen Generation, my grandmother wasn’t able to teach my father and his older brother our traditional language. By the time dad’s younger brother was born, she decided to teach him in secret so it wasn’t lost in her generation. Edward was able to put all our family history and language into a hard drive and now we can learn it ourselves.


Rachel Chubb X Slo Active

There is so much beautiful culture and tradition in Aboriginal Australian life…can you tell us a little about how you embrace your culture and traditions?



We speak some of our language at home, and we display all our artifacts. During school, my siblings and I would perform traditional dances around the town along with another indigenous family. This bought me very close to my culture during my teenage years.

Rachel Chubb X Slo Active

Do you incorporate any of your culture into your work as a model ever?


I have been pursuing my model career for 6 months now. I was always told I should be a model as I am very tall for my age and have long slim legs, (thanks to my aboriginal heritage). One of my recent shoots was with Curl Care, and they asked if I would be comfortable wearing my traditional paint. I was able to wear my ochre, from my traditional country for their latest curly hair product. This was an amazing was way embrace my culture and I felt proud that I could showcase it to the world, through them.


We love these powerful images of you rocking slo active. do you have a love for the ocean? If so, do you do any ocean-based sports or how do you love to explore and celebrate the ocean?


I grew up in-land and on a farm, so the beach/ocean was always so fascinating to me. I loved visiting the beach for holidays like Christmas. Since I have to visit the Sunshine Coast for modelling a lot, I find myself visiting the beach more and more. I have definitely fallen in love with the ocean and the beach. I can not wait for warmer weather so I can spend whole days at the beach swimming and relaxing.

Rachel Chubb X Slo Active

What’s awesome about living on the Sunshine Coast?


For me, the Sunshine Coast is such an amazing place to live. I think of it as: The Sunshine Coast is known world wide, and people travel from far and wide to see our amazing beaches and landscapes. Yet for us, it’s right at our front door. We are so lucky to live where we do.


What else do you love to do?


I enjoy participating in horse sports, particularly Campdrafting. My father worked as a stockman all his life so I practically grew up in the saddle. I love campdrafting, and riding my horse. I enjoy campdrafting because, I can walk into the arena, and everything in my mind is gone expect what I have to do right now. My mind is solely focused on myself and doing this for me and my horse. I put 110% of my energy into competing everytime because the adrenaline rush is insane, and makes me feel out of this world. I push myself everytime and always want to do better.



Rachel Chubb X Slo Active

What did you love about the swimwear (which looked so awesome on you!) in the shoot?


I wore the Full Brief Yulex Bikini Bottom and High Neck Sports Bikini Top, I love the way the swimwear sit on me. It was so comfortable and didn’t move once. I’ve never been comfortable wearing 2 pieces in the water as I can’t support any of it and It usually moves out of place.


“This is the first swimwear I would confidently wear in the water. It almost feels like it’s holding me, that’s how secure and safe it feels.”


I also love the material, it’s much thicker and stronger than most swimwear, giving it a solid, tight fit around my body. My chest stayed warm as well, due to the almost wet suit like material of the pieces, and the highneck.


Rachel Chubb X Slo Active

Rachel was photographed on the Sunshine Coast by Hannah Prewitt wearing the new Clean Lines Collection Full Brief Yulex Bikini Bottom and High Neck Sports Bikini Top



October 12, 2022 — Janaya Wilkins