••• We shine a light on Slow Fashion, what is it?  What are the hard facts about fast fashion ••• 

"We know that when we protect our oceans we’re protecting our future..."⁠

We are massive proponents of following the slow fashion model, hence.  When we look at some of the hard-hitting facts pertaining to fast fashion, it can be a catalyst to sit up and take action.  Did you know...⁠

🌊100 Billion Items of Clothing Are Produced Each Year⁠
🌊Fast Fashion Companies Generate More Pollution Than ⁠
🌊International Aviation and Shipping Combined ⁠
🌊60% of Clothes Are Made With Plastic-based Materials⁠
🌊The Fashion Industry Consumes Around 93 Billion Cubic Metres of Water Each Year⁠
🌊We Discard 92 Million Tonnes of Textile Waste That the Industry Generates Annually⁠
🌊More than USD$500 Billion Are Lost from Lack of Recycling and Clothing Underutilisation ⁠

(Source: Martina Igini Earth.org)⁠

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Slow fashion has been a massively positive respond to the over-consumption of fast fashion worldwide.   As Vivienne Westwood once said ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.'

Slow fashion is about choosing and buying better quality products that are built to last.  Fostering a deeper education about materials, production, and the affects our purchases have on our planet and its peoples.   The guiding ethos' of slow fashion include sustainable materials, fewer collections, fair trade, minimizing waste, making great use of resources and transparency.

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August 16, 2023 — Janaya Wilkins