Fierce Females

Fierce Female Interview No. 12: Chelsea Woody - Fierce Surfer and Creator

 After quitting her job to escape the daily grind, Chelsea Woody and her husband set out on a year and a half of travels from Madagascar to Peru to Indonesia to name a few. It was in Lombok, where her love for surfing was born. We talk about her self-proclaimed addiction to the sport, the creation of 'Textured Waves' and how she hopes to inspire other black women to surf. 
August 21, 2019

Fierce Female Interview No. 6: Liz Parkinson- Fierce Freediver and Shark Activist

Having lived in the UK , the U.S and the Bahamas, Liz Parkinson has seen it all. She's a diver known for breaking the norm when it comes to her expeditions setting out to prove that the sharks in our oceans are by no means like the ones we see in the movies (Jaws anyone?). By bringing awareness to the issues that these amazing creatures are facing, Liz has become a leader in Ocean Activism and a voice for those in our waters.
June 04, 2019

Fierce Female Interview No. 2: Sophie Hellyer — The Surfeminist Rising Fierce

Who has one job these days when you can have as many as you like?! With a chat over a cuppa in London, featuring lots of laughs, Sophie Hellyer, an energetic environmentalist, feminist, surfer, cold water swimmer, writer, TEDx Speaker and newly qualified yoga teacher (inhale/exhale!) shares with us, her passion-led life of adventure and activism.
March 01, 2019