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“Positive social and environmental impact”

– Vogue

“Sustainable innovation at the forefront of their designs”


“Driving change in a way that is different.”

– Forbes

“Functional, form-hugging and environmentally friendly”

– Financial Times

SLO active is an exciting new social enterprise that gives back to the ocean. For every piece that you buy, we will donate to one of our ocean charity partners of your choice and plant a mangrove tree to offset its carbon emissions – it’s called Earth to Ocean.


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Sustainable surf and yoga wear
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Index Awards
Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards- Finalist

SLO is pleased to announce that we have won an award with Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards in the ‘One to Watch’ category. Not to mention, we were a finalist in the ‘Best Carbon Footprint Initiative’ category. The Awards is dedicated to recognising the strides that are being made in reducing the industry’s environmental impact and creating fairer working conditions across the supply chain.

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Explore our collection of athletic bikinis, one-pieces & shorty wetsuits.



abstract noun


1. The art of focusing on the things we most value and removing everything that distracts us from it.


2. To slow down and be in the present, finding beauty in simplicity.


3. To live with purpose and intent, slow down from over-consumption and be conscious of the environment.


“go SLO”

Inspired By Nature


Our sustainable wetsuits, swimsuits and bikinis are designed to sculpt your silhouette and support for an action-packed day in the water, the engineered fit includes contoured panels and flatlock construction for function and durability. Detailed with luxurious finishings and corrosion-free metallic zips from Italy. All of this, whilst dedicated to causing the least possible environmental harm.

Inspired by the clean lines we see in and around the ocean, the wetsuit and bikini collection is aptly named ‘Clean Lines’ and is ethically produced in a small, independently-run factory in Italy.


Zip front and racerback bikini tops and swimsuits are available with different coverage options, as well as surf shorts, full brief bikini bottoms and long-sleeved wetsuits, to suit every activity and every body.


Imagine if by enjoying the ocean, we could help protect it at the same time?


We are SLO active. We are more than oceanwear. We are a cause: to protect the ocean. Plastic Pollution in our oceans is one of the worlds biggest environmental emergencies. Over 20 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year.  We’ve made it our purpose to address the issue.


Plastic Pollution Guide - Facts & Stats
Join our cause to clean up and protect the ocean of plastic pollution. Learn about the facts, statistics and impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, potential solutions, and how you can be the change.
Read our plastic pollution guide

Sustainable Swimwear with Purpose

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Sustainability is at our heart. Our garments are ethically made using the most cuttingedge plant based rubber, Yulex Pure, which provides a sustainable alternative to toxic neoprene, which not only is the material non-renewable, but it's derived from petroleum or limestone, therefore a product of mining or drilling.

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Slow Fashion

Buy better, not more. Join the movement against fast fashion. Slow fashion encompasses all things ethical and eco in one unified movement. The phrase “Slow Fashion” was first seen quoted by Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, however, the movement has been gaining momentum for decades now.

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Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation is our cause. We operate on a 3-year plan basis with our partner charities. Our current focus is combatting plastic pollution, which is one of the most challenging forms of pollution that we face today, negatively impacting terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and the organisms that live in these habitats.

Alison Teal Collaboration - Limited Edition Capsule Collection

A limited collection (in Pink) with our Fierce Female and world-renowned ocean activist, Alison Teal. Released for Earth Day and in partnership with our charity partner City to Sea (a UK based charity with a focus on stopping plastic pollution at the source). As with all of our designs, for every piece bought, we will donate to the ocean in some way.



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