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  1. The art of focusing on the things we most value and removing everything that distracts us from it.
  2. To slow down and be in the present, finding beauty in simplicity.
  3. To live with purpose and intent, slow down from over-consumption and be conscious of the environment.

“go SLO”





The social enterprise dedicated to cleaning up our oceans, one swimsuit at a time.


Plastic Pollution in our oceans is one of the worlds biggest environmental emergencies. Hence, we’ve made it our purpose to address the issue.

Our mission is to clean up and protect the ocean through grassroots activism, collaborating with charities, and selling sustainable, luxury oceanwear.  We want to make a tangible difference to cleaning up our ocean with every wetsuit or bikini sold, therefore, we’re sharing our sales profits with our ocean-related partner charities, who share our same goals (to be announced next month!). To find out more, sign up to our newsletter


Made in Italy

The ‘Clean Lines’ collection is ethically produced in a small, independently-run factory in Italy. Delicately crafted with sustainable materials and premium hardware, this luxury collection not only looks amazing but has a purpose. Learn more about the collection here. Further details to be announced very soon!


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Plastic Pollution Report
Join our cause to clean up and protect the ocean of plastic pollution. Learn about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, potential solutions, and how you can be the change.
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Oceanwear Coming Soon.


Sustainable Swimwear & Wetsuits for Fierce Women


Microfibres from clothing and textiles are a key source of microplastic pollution in our oceans and have been found in many different ecosystems. The challenge was to build an oceanwear label that is dedicated to cleaning up and protecting the ocean without contributing further to the problem.


It’s going to be an exciting year with our official launch coming soon! If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of our suits, you can always pre-order through our upcoming Kickstarter funding campaign later in the year. Keep an eye out for further details on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

Purpose, over profit.

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Sustainability is at our heart. Our garments are ethically made using the most cuttingedge plant based rubber, Yulex Pure, which provides a sustainable alternative to toxic neoprene, which not only is the material non-renewable, but it's derived from petroleum or limestone, therefore a product of mining or drilling.

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Slow Fashion

Buy better, not more. Join the movement against fast fashion. Slow fashion encompasses all things ethical and eco in one unified movement. The phrase “Slow Fashion” was first seen quoted by Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, however, the movement has been gaining momentum for decades now.

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Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation is our cause. We operate on a 3-year plan basis with our partner charities. Our current focus is combatting plastic pollution, which is one of the most challenging forms of pollution that we face today, negatively impacting terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and the organisms that live in these habitats.



Our company mantra is built around Minimalism. Clean lines. Simple, timeless designs.

“The ultimate sophistication is simplicity.”

Read our co-authored guide:


Debunking the Common Myths Surrounding Plastic Pollution

Read the guide here:

Sustainable Luxury Oceanwear | Active Swimwear, Wetsuits & Bikinis 7

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