Our reason why...

Imagine a world with clean oceans, where marine wildlife can thrive. This single thought was the inspiration behind starting the SLO.

Our oceans are in crisis because of humans’ mindless over consumption and a ‘disposable’ mentality. The consequences of mass production on the environment and people has defined how SLO active is as a brand. Prompting the question: what do we stand for?

SLO active is a lifestyle brand focusing on oceanwear and activism, with giving back to the ocean right at the heart of the business. We’re a community of active women who love being in the ocean and care about its conservation.

Janaya Wilkins, Founder & CEO of SLO ACTIVE

Earth to Ocean

Our founder, Janaya Wilkins, grew up in New Zealand around surfing and exploring the endless stretches of beaches. Janaya has loved the ocean since before she could walk, and from a young age, developed deep concerns for marine conservation.

With a love of surfing, scuba diving, free diving, and paddleboarding, Janaya has spent most of her years in a bikini. Always on the lookout for beautifully made, feminine, well-cut swimwear, Janaya started sketching her designs in her teen years – and they have finally come to life.


You Buy, We Give

Earth to Ocean

Every year as a minimum, we donate 3% of our revenue (not just profits) to our partner charity, Earth to Ocean. We also plant one mangrove tree for every piece made with SeaTrees.



abstract noun 

1. The art of focusing on the things we most value and removing everything that distracts us from it. 

2. To slow down and be in the present, finding beauty in simplicity. 

3. To live with purpose and intent, slow down from over-consumption and be conscious of the environment. “go SLO”