Living Fierce, strong, and fearless are traits we celebrate and endorse.

Activism comes in many different forms and is often made up of daily habits. A significant aspect of our ethos at SLO is female empowerment and telling the stories of fierce females who are living fiercely through their activism.

A key element of our cause-related work focuses on shifting the still existing, predominantly white-narrative within the realm of watersports, environmental/climate activism and particularly marine conservation efforts. In the background, we are also working on creating an Activist Series that promotes a more diverse and inclusive picture of climate action and marine conservation to include the voices of those at the forefront of these issues. Some of these fierce environmental activists who we truly admire are featured below.

Over recent weeks, we have learned even more about Intersectional Environmentalism, an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet. It identifies the ways in which injustices happening to marginalised communities and the earth are interconnected.

In our activist series, we also discuss the intersection between gender and environmental issues and climate change. According to UN figures, 80% of those displaced by climate change are women, in addition when societies have higher levels of gender equality, deforestation, air pollution and resource loss get worse, the UN found.

Fierce Female Activists, We Admire

Tori Tsui

Tori is an Intersectional Climate Activist and a visual storyteller. She recently started the Bad Activist Podcast including the topics of Intersectionalism, feminism, climate justice, racial justice and queer rights. All whilst sharing her own journey of being an activist in an imperfect world. Moreover, her social platforms are informative and inspirational to help others be navigated about activism.

Follow her Instagram here and be prepared for our IGTV Q & A coming in the next few weeks.

Dr Imogen Naper

Imogen is a Marine Scientist Researching Plastic Pollution as well as a National Geographic Expedition Scientist. In 2018, Imogen became a National Geographic Explorer and Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar. This funded her ongoing research to investigate different inventions which aim to capture fibres in the washing machine cycle, to stop them potentially entering the environment. Read her Key findings here.

Follow her Instagram here.

Teresa Baker

Teresa is working to increase diversity and inclusion in the outdoor industry. She is the founder of The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge , which connects leading outdoor brands with inclusion advocates to advance representation for people of colour across the industry whilst moving the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion.

Follow her Instagram here and be prepared for our IGTV Q & A coming in the next few weeks.

Kanoa Greene

Finally, as part of our Fierce Females series, we have published a new interview with fitness coach Kanoa Greene, focusing on body positivity and diversity. Kanoa is a plus-sized woman, who empowers and inspires others. She will be releasing a fitness app and her own retreat.

Watch our IGTV Q & A with Kanoa here.

Let us Continue to Live Fiercely and Take Action

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June 26, 2020 — Janaya Wilkins