International Surfing Day, to us, involves clean oceans, slow fashion, active women.

Happy International Surfing Day! Being Active is a crucial part of our brand DNA. The word “active” in our name means activism for the ocean, looking after People and Planet. The SLO lifestyle is for the active woman – both physically and protecting the ocean. Both on land, in the community, in the ocean and for the ocean. In these unprecedented times, where the global pandemic has changed our busy lifestyles and where isolation at home has become the norm, we as a society all have had to take time to slow down, reminding us of what’s important. SLO’s ethos is inspired by the Slow Movement, taking time to be in the moment and being conscious of our environment. But in order to achieve our environmental goals, we need to be active in empowering others and protecting those who are vulnerable, because we are all one.

As the world starts to slowly open up again, many are now allowed to reconnect and reunite with the ocean and surf. And in light of International Surfing Day 2020, we are sharing the love of being active and being one with the ocean. On this environmentally conscious sports-centered day, we will celebrate the sport of surfing, the lifestyle, and the sustainability of ocean resources. Mirroring the importance of being Active.

Our work is based on the premise that if people are able to experience the ocean, they will grow to love it and fight to protect it. For International Surfing Day, we want to focus on inspiring young girls and up to all ages on how to get into surfing.

One of our Fierce Females, Surf Coach Rhonda Harper, shared with us her thoughts on training the next generation of Surfers, through the community ??‍♀️Black Girls Surf??‍♀️ (@blackgirlssurf) • inspiring and giving opportunity to women and girls wanting to pursue professional surfing.

‘Never ever give up. There will be rough days. Days that will make you cry. Days that will make you happier than you’ve ever been. Hold on and stay focused. Your time will come.’

Read the interview here.

Throughout these uncertain times, we know and understand how important physical activity is to help us stay mentally and physically fit. From cardio fueled HIIT exercises, to unwinding through yoga or meditation, these things make a huge difference to our mindset and health.

If you would like to join us on our Active and wellness journey, read our Wellness Fitness Guide: Staying Active at Home. Also, be sure to get involved with our social media challenge #SlowDownStayActive, and here is the information.

To learn more about learning to surf, read our beginner’s guide to surfing.

Go SLO, Live Active.


June 20, 2020 — Janaya Wilkins