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Surf LeotardSurf Leotard Image 1- Model posing with fists on hipsSurf Leotard- Image 2- Model with arms in airSurf Leotard- Close upSurf leotard- Model on beachSurf Leotard- Model looking at oceanSurf Leotard- Flippers BW on beachSurf Leotard- Black Fabric on models face BW
Surf Leotard
Surf Leotard Image 1- Model posing with fists on hips
Surf Leotard- Image 2- Model with arms in air
Surf Leotard- Close up
Surf leotard- Model on beach
Surf Leotard- Model looking at ocean
Surf Leotard- Flippers BW on beach
Surf Leotard- Black Fabric on models face BW

Surf Leotard (Spring Shorty Yulex® Wetsuit)


The ultimate long-sleeved surf spring wetsuit for lady sliders and deep divers, offering contoured panels to accentuate all body types.

  • Italian metallic zip front (corrosion-free / plastic free)
  • Hidden key loop
  • Slimline binding
  • Feminine mid-high cut leg
  • Neoprene-free, made with plant-based Yulex
  • Medium coverage
  • Engineered fit
  • Contoured panels
  • Form-fitting neckline, higher at rear
  • Icon 3 dots of the logo subtly displayed on the right cuff
  • Flattering feminine silhouette contours the body to accentuate all body shapes in all the right places
  • Seams are sewn with flatlock construction for comfort and durability


The Ultimate Spring Shorty Wetsuit Leotard for Active Water Sessions

This neoprene-free Yulex® Pure wetsuit is an engineered fit for comfort and durability to support long sessions underwater and endless waves. 


This stylish and comfortable spring shorty wetsuit, like all of our Oceanwear, is made using Yulex®, a plant-based and sustainable alternative to limestone or petroleum neoprene. The natural rubber is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance.





Yulex is a soft and supple neoprene-free material that is lightweight and supremely-stretchy, providing comfort and support when diving deep and dancing in the waves. 


The lining and exterior face fabric are made with solution-dyed 100% recycled polyester jersey, which is durable, stretchy and water-resistant. This high-stretch lining throughout provides ultra flexibility and improves dry time and is laminated with solvent-free AquaA™ glue. 


Featuring a long vertical Italian metallic zip front that is corrosion-free and plastic-free and stays up through wipe-outs. 


A form-fitting neckline reduces flushing and a sleek look and flatlock seams provide durability, flexibility and support for the active ocean dweller. 


Suggested water temperatures: 65°–75° F/18°–23° C, however, the weather, sensitivity to the cold and conditions will affect temperatures and choice of equipment.





This shorty suit boasts sophisticated elegance and is perfect for serious ocean-going activities such as surfing, paddle boarding, wild swimming and diving, proving that there is no need to compromise on beauty to achieve ultimate performance. 


The wetsuit’s contoured panels and sewing work provide a flattering feminine silhouette, to accentuate curves and contours and avoiding any uncomfortable bunching or pinching.


The intentionally designed high leg line celebrates the female form in all of its sizes and shapes, making the legs go for miles.


Our aim is to make you feel your most comfortable and confident when out on the water, whilst being ecoconscious in doing so. 


This neoprene-free shorty wetsuit meets our rigorous standards for performance, sustainability, durability and warmth.



Important to know:


  • All oceanwear is our Clean Lines Collection is 2mm in thickness
  • Designed for water temperatures of 18°-23°C/ 65°–75° F (but braver folks have been in half this temp and been completely comfortable!)
  • Always cold hand wash in freshwater, The most important thing is to always air-dry, away from direct sunlight (never put it in a dryer)
  • The natural rubber (Yulex®) is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring sustainability remains key in our production process
  • Born in New Zealand, designed in the U.K., made in Italy



Our suits are designed to last for decades. But wetsuits require care if they are going to perform and wear the way they were designed and made to. SLO active is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. Scratches and fading are inevitable, as are tears from the occasional close call with a fin, rocks and reefs.




As part of our ‘Earth To Ocean’ model, every purchase made, an ocean charity of your choice receives a donation that will contribute to working towards projects dedicated to improving the livelihood of our oceans around the globe. 




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