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One Peace (Zip Front Swimsuit)



Athletic cut one-piece with metallic zip front and contoured panels, to sculpt to your silhouette and support for an action-packed day in the ocean.

  • Premium chic sleek one piece, front zipper (corrosion free/plastic free from Italy)
  • The shape line is crafted to sculpt to your silhouette accentuating your curves
  • Creates a slimming silhouette
  • The racerback one piece is a classic athletic cut 
  • Finished with slimline binding, this style achieves sophisticated elegance and perfectly performs for ocean-going activity


Amazing neoprene-free zip-front racerback one piece swimsuit


An elegant sporty zip-front one-piece swimsuit crafted to sculpt your silhouette, providing coverage and support for an active day in the ocean. 


The ultimate thermal comfort while flattering and sculpting all body shapes. Perfect for the surfer, paddleboarder and ocean-loving girl that wants to look chic without compromising on style.






Offering greater coverage and ideal for surfing, wild swimming and diving, our One Piece is your go-to for more coverage and comfort in the water.

Similar to our Surf Leotard and Scoop Sports Crop, the piece features an Italian metal zip front that is corrosion and plastic free with strong support provided by the racer back, making it perfect for long periods spent in the water. 


Like all of our Oceanwear, is made using Yulex, the plant-based and sustainable alternative to neoprene. The raw natural rubber comes from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance – meaning the trees aren’t grown on newly clear-cut rainforest land, like some of the world’s supply.

This renewable source is tapped from hevea trees that can produce rubber for over 30 years. It replaces traditional (petroleum-based), nonrenewable neoprene. By replacing neoprene with natural rubber, we’re reducing CO2 emissions by up to ~80% in the manufacturing process.





This premium chic sleek one-piece boasts form-fitting contoured panels for an ultra-flattering fit to contour the body and accentuate all body shapes in all the right places.

Ideal for seasoned paddlers, swimmers, sailors, surfers, divers, can mix-and-match suits and separates that are simultaneously soft, sustainable, light, supple, warm, durable, and stretchy.


Sculpt your silhouette, accentuating your curves to make you feel the most confidence in and out of the water.


Petroleum-free and part of our ‘Earth To Ocean Model’, every purchase made, a donation will go to an ocean charity of your choice and a tree will be planted as part of our partnership with ‘One Tree Planted’. It is our way of offsetting our carbon footprint as much as possible. 




Important to know about our One Piece Swimsuit:


  • 2mm in thickness
  • Designed for water temperatures of 18°-23°C/ 65°–75° F (but conditions may the weather, sensitivity to the cold and conditions will affect temperatures and choice of equipment)
  • Always cold hand wash in fresh water, The most important thing is to always air-dry, away from direct sunlight (never put it in a dryer)
  • The natural rubber (Yulex) is derived from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring sustainability remains key in our production process
  • Designed in the U.K., Produced in Italy, and worn across the globe

We are dedicated to a mission of encouraging quality over quantity in a post-consumerist society where we can enjoy the purchase and a lifestyle that is sustainable for our environments and coastlines. The ‘Earth To Ocean’ model connects us with charities who are working towards making this society a reality. Every purchase made, a donation will be received by an ocean charity of your choice and one tree will be planted to ensure our product lifecycle is environmentally ethical and sustainable at every step taken. 

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