As the days get closer to our launch, we’re excited to finally announce our first partnership as part of our EARTH TO OCEAN giving model with all female ocean conservation collective, Changing Tides Foundation.

Founded by a group of surfers and best friends, self nicknamed “the sisterhood”, Becky Mendoza, Leah Dawson, Anna Santoro, Jianca Lazarus, Leane Darling Horton and Liz Clark have all collaborated their love for the environment to create a foundation focused on giving back to coastline communities.

Conceived with the determination to change how we interact with our oceans on a global scale, Changing Tides partners with local organisations. From Lombok to Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic, they are encouraging a discussion and call to action to change social, environmental, health and safety issues in the areas.

“If we can inspire other people to be open in working together and that’s how we can make the biggest differences in our world and our lives”

– Leane Darling Horton, Co-Founder

Source: Changing Tides Foundation

Changing Tides key projects include:

Plastic Swear Jar

A challenge designed to bring awareness to our reliance on single use plastics. Every time you purchase or use a single-use item, put £1 in a designated jar, with all proceedings at the end of your challenge going towards Changing Tide’s environmental actions.

Source: Changing Tides Foundation

Women’s Outreach Mentorship Program

Partnering with local non-profit partner, Give and Surf, in Bocas del Toro, Panama, the program offers underprivileged teenage girls the chance to grow confidence in their swimming skills and eventually be able to surf. When they’re not in then water, the girls are taught marine ecology on top of an empowerment workshop tackling cultural issues such as gender inequality through creative practices.

Source: Changing Tides Foundation

Disaster relief

The foundation is currently working with YachtAid Global in response to aiding relief to evacuation centres following the 2018 earthquake in North Lombok and Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean. All funds are sent directly to the areas in need to provide increased medical attention and access to clean water, food and shelter to ensure safety.

Oahu North shore Community Compost Movement

A food-waste pick up program that is diverting food waste from households and restaurants to composts at local surrounding farms. This is offering locals the opportunity to regenerate local soils and reduce greenhouse emissions from methane gas, produced by the food scraps if they were just left in the trash.

• • • You can find out more how to get involved in Changing Tides’ and what this amazing group of women are doing by visiting their website and participating in any of their projects in your area!

May 20, 2019 — Janaya Wilkins