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How to care for your SLO active wear

Our timeless, functional and feminine designs surpass seasonal trends. All SLO active wear and wetsuits are made using the most high-quality, FSC certified Yulex Pure and designed to last years, even decade!  Proper care will maximise its performance in the water and lifespan. We consider lifespan to be first life (when you’re wearing it), second life (when it’s recycled or repaired). We try not and let ‘end of life’ happen.

Looking after your SLO active wear


• • •  Try to avoid standing near hard or rough surfaces while putting on and taking off your SLO wear as it can damage the outer fabric. 


• • •  Be mindful of sharp objects such as watches, rings and fingernails as they can easily snag the material.


• • •  Avoid folding to prevent creases





• • •  Rinsing and drying your SLO suit regularly helps avoid wear and tear. Directly after use, try to rinse your activewear with fresh water as soon as possible.


• • •  Always hand-wash your activewear with cold water and mild soap before hang it to dry inside out to help retain the flexibility performance of the outer material.


• • •  Chlorinated water or salt water will break down the neoprene. This is why it is important to rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after use in chlorine or salt water.


• • •  After washing and rinsing your wetsuit, turn it inside-out to help retain the flexibility on the outside of your SLO suit.


• • •  Do not dry your activewear in direct sunlight. UV rays can damage the neoprene, shortening the overall lifespan of the SLO suit. Either lay flat to dry in the shade or hang on a thick (not wire) hanger.


• • •  Never use a washing machine, dryer, iron or bleach on your SLO active wear.


• • •  Store your activewear on a flat surface and avoid folding whenever possible to avoid creases and loss of insulating effectiveness.



Following these tips will help to maintain the life of your SLO active wear for years to come.