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Wear and Care

SLO active’s Wear & Care

All SLO activewear and wetsuits are made using the most high-quality, cutting edge material, FSC certified Yulex Pure and designed in the classic athletic cuts that are functional and feminine surpass seasonal trends. Proper care will maximise its performance and life expectancy in the finest condition for many ocean adventures to come!

Tips on taking care of your SLO

Wear your SLO activewear

  • Try to avoid standing over hard or rough surfaces while putting on and taking off your activewear as it can damage the outer fabric. Instead, place a towel, board bag, or a bucket  under your feet before doing so.
  • Be careful with watches, rings and fingernails as they can easily create scratches on the material.

Care for your SLO activewear

  • After every swim, try to rinse your activewear with fresh water as soon as possible.
  • Always hand-wash your activewear with cold water, and a mild soap before hang it to dry inside out to help retain the flexibility performance of the outer material.
  • Never use washing machine, dryer, or bleach on your SLO activewear.
  • Do not dry your activewear under direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron your activewear.
  • Store your activewear on a flat surface and avoid folding as it can create creases.

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