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Whether you dream of glassy waves, calm waters to dive deep into or the sheer thrill of cold water on your skin,  submerge yourself in our signature collection, Clean Lines. Classically crafted from quality, sustainable materials, the monochromatic  Clean Lines collection is dedicated to empowering women in the ocean and for the ocean. 


A small collection of 7 timeless pieces, all in black, Clean Lines offers minimalistic designs focused on function and feminine form. Made from plant-based neoprene alternative, FSC certified Yulex®, our bikini crop sets, and wetsuit one pieces are beautifully designed and sustainable.

Our Signature collection, Clean Lines

Designed for the active ocean dweller, the Clean Lines collection boasts classic athletic cuts, contoured panels, and form-fitting necklines, to accentuate the female form in all its shapes, in all the right places. 


Fine racerbacks with slim binding featured along the edge line achieving a sleek, achieves a sexy retro look and supreme performance in and on the water. Deep plunge and classic high cut bottoms, available in both cheeky and full coverage, offer elegant high leg lines for graceful sophistication.


Seams are sewn with flatlock construction for comfort and durability, boasting long-lasting fit retention and perfect for action-packed days in the water.


All of this, whilst dedicated to causing the least possible environmental harm.

Functional and Durable

Activewear for the ocean that stays with you the whole way.

Hidden key loops throughout the collection. No need to leave your key on top of your tyres!

Hidden key loops throughout the collection. No need to leave your key on top of your tyres!

Hidden key loops throughout the collection. No need to leave your key on top of your tyres!

Function & Form


Oceanwear that is strong and beautiful – like the badass women who wear it. Our designs are feminine and functional, with durable material. Meaning you can to move freely and feel beautiful at the same time.

For Active Women - Both in the Ocean, and For the Ocean

Worn by women who love the ocean and care about its conservation and preservation.

Active in the ocean

The ocean is the place where she feels ultimate freedom. The place where her heart beats faster and her mind is still.

Active in her community

Knowing that it doesn’t stop when she leaves the beach, she is actively involved in her community to help protect and conserve mother ocean.

Active for the environment

She is active in helping to address environmental issues, whether that is raising awareness or making better choices as a consumer.

slow fashion

Exceptional design lasts longer than seasonal fashion. Our pieces are ethically produced under environmentally sound conditions.

Sustainable is the new Black.


The fast fashion industry is the second largest pollution source in the world behind oil/Petroleum. Most mainstream wetsuits are made from neoprene – a synthetic polymer from petroleum. But there is a plant-based alternative; FSC certified Yulex Pure is the safest natural alternative, and that’s what our collection is made from.

ethical and eco-Conscious

Fair Trade Certified™

Our pieces are crafted in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility Factory that complies with Fair Trade USA’s standards for safe and healthy working conditions. By choosing Fair Trade, our customers are making a conscious choice for a better environment, supporting sustainable practices that are minimizing our environmental footprint. 


Water-based glue

Used for lamination of fabrics is water-based glue, rather than solvent-based. This eliminates harmful volatile organic compounds and has the same durability as conventional solvent-based wetsuit glues.



For interior linings and face fabric, solution dye is used in order to save over 100 litres of water per suit; this is over 75% less water than what is used in conventional dyeing


Petroleum Free

By replacing conventional neoprene and similar synthetic materials, we are reducing CO2 emissions by up to ~75% in the manufacturing process.



The perfect fusion of luxury, sustainability, and durability, the answer to sustainable activewear for the ocean is here.

Plant-based, FSC Certified
Yulex Pure

Our entire collection is made with FSC certified Yulex Pure – a plant-based alternative to conventional, non-renewable neoprene. 

Raw natural hevea trees

Yulex rubber comes from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This ensures that trees are not grown on newly cut rainforest land, like some of the world’s supply.

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