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TAKE ACTION: Petitions to Sign

We have comprised a list of fantastic petitions both local and international for you to actively engage in. These include the climate crisis, plastic pollution, and protecting our oceans.



 – Calling world-leaders to protect 30% of the planets land and ocean by 2030 at the Convention on Biodiversity COP15 Summit in October 2020.

 – Petition to shut down wildlife markets to protect wild animals and prevent the occurrence of new diseases.

 – The petition will be included in a message to the Taiwanese President demanding that the country stops illegal shark finning, dolphin killing and human rights abuses in the country’s tuna export industry.

 – Calling on the UN to include the right “to a healthy natural environment” in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 – Calling world leaders to meet existing targets to protect biodiversity and forge a new agreement so that at least 50% of our lands and oceans are protected and restored.

 – Calls for a global, legally binding agreement that involved every country in ending the plastic crisis.

Project AWARE: 

 – Petition to support the protection of the threatened Atlantic mako shark species from overfishing.

Fashion Revolution: 

 – Send an email to a brand or voice your concerns on social media (resources provided by fashion revolution asking them to be transparent about their supply chains and whether the people working in their supply chain are protected and compensated throughout the covid-19 crisis. 

 – Sign the fashion revolution manifesto which calls for a fashion industry in which workers are protected throughout the entire supply chain and receives fair and equal pay, where they are given a voice to negotiate and raise concerns for better work conditions, where fashion is inclusive and champions diversity across race, gender, age or ability, where fashion conserves and restores the environment and has a circular life cycle (repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled) and brand success is measured by more than just sales and profits.

Ocean Conservancy Action Center 


 – Ask the UK government to introduce a plan that starts phasing out non-essential single-use plastics, tackling trickier plastics (e.g. in clothes) and simultaneously ensures that people depending on plastic can maintain their quality of life and doesn’t cause worse environmental problems.

– From the makers of Seaspiracy on Netflix. Sign this petition to encourage the UK government to enforce and expand the ‘No Catch Zones’ in UK waters.

– Ask the UK government to commit to taking decisive climate action

We want the UK government to:

  • Aim for 100% clean energy
  • Invest in green and affordable transport – no more airport expansion
  • Doubletree cover to tackle climate breakdown and support nature
  • Ban fracking and stop using dirty fuels
  • Fund huge scale insulation and eco-heating schemes
  • Lead the change in the way we consume products, so that we use less, and re-use more
  • Pay our fair share to help vulnerable countries

 – “Tell Chancellor Rishi Sunak, that if he gives airlines a bailout, then they must protect their workers and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions”. 

 – Petition to the UK government to protect the ocean by delivering a Global Ocean Treaty.

 – Petition to the UK government to rebuild our society on fairer, cleaner, more resilient foundations after Covid-19 → “Invest in a new sustainable economy that puts people first, and protects the planet we all depend on”.

 – Call on the UK government to act on the Climate Emergency through a set of specific policies on oil, gas and fracking, renewable energy, tree planting, flyer tax, ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars, free public transport for young and low-income groups of people, ending carbon emissions from the steel and cement industry, carbon zero homes, changing farming and food production to encourage a less meat-based diet.

 – Petition to end sewage pollution 

 – Ask your local MP to stand up for the ocean by stopping plastic pollution, acting on the climate crisis, preventing sewage from getting back in the sea, protect areas for sea like to flourish. #generationsea is a movement that unites people to save the ocean.

The Commitment

Make a commitment to build a citizen-led mandate showing politicians that citizens will only vote for them if they are committed to speeding up government action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

 – Sign this petition with Fashion Revolution calling on the Home Secretary to create a Government-run modern slavery data base that requires all companies to release a modern slavery statement.

 – Pledge to walk, run, cycle, skate or scoot at least five times in a fortnight and be part of ensuring that public transport is safe as we begin to emerge out of lockdown to prevent streets from being choked by cars.

 – Sign this petition to urge the government to take climate action and support clean community energy.

New Zealand

 – Urge the government to ban single-use plastic bottles

 – Call for transparency on fishing and ocean protection decisions in New Zealand.

 – Urge Jacinda Ardern to transition the country away from industrial to regenerative agriculture to clean up our rivers, tackle the climate crisis and make sure everyone has fresh, healthy food.


 – Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to rebuild the economy from the impacts of covid-19 with clean jobs for our reefs.

 – Petition for the parliament to ban single-use plastics in Australia.

 – Recognise the legal rights of the Great Barrier Reef and sign the petition to transform Australia’s legal system.

United States

 – Demanding big corporations to play their part in ending plastic pollution.

 – Petition urging Canadian and US government officials to protect North Atlantic right whales.

 – Petitions demanding supermarkets to reduce plastic packaging.

 – Calling the government to take “real” action as opposed to undertaking superficial tree planting.

 – Sign the petition to support California legislation to reduce plastic pollution.

 – Calling Coca Cola to stop plastic bottle production.

 – Ban plastic bags in grocery stores in Florida.


 – Petition urging Canadian and US government officials to protect North Atlantic right whales.

 – Petition for supermarkets to stop throwing away that is still edible and do their part to tackle food insecurity.

 – Tell your member of parliament you want a covid-19 recovery plan that respects the planet and people.

 – Petition to the government to make a comprehensive ban list for single-use plastics.