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Our partners

Changing Tides Foundation


With collaboration with eco-minded brands and local organisations around the world, Changing TIdes foundation aims to raise awareness for causes in global communities enabling travellers to serve naturally & adventure consciously. One example of their creativity is the fun project — ‘Plastic Swear Jar’, which encourages the public to put $1 into the jar with every piece of plastic they use or purchase and donate those saving later. They are now also having an ongoing collaborative outreach projects with local organisations in diversity of areas such as Bocas del toro in Panama, and Lombok in Indonesia.

Plastic Oceans UK


Plastic Oceans UK addresses the issue plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters, sea life and humans. They are the creators of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ Film (Netflix), which has gained a critically acclaimed globally, while has been subtitled into many different languages. The project is now continuing to accomplish its mission on changing attitude towards plastic use into a wider area and varieties of angles. It has continued to support scientific research in relevant areas, as well as been developing education programmes that can be rolled out in schools in the uk and afield.

Project Aware


A global force of divers across the globe to protect underwater environments under the project ‘Dive Against Debris® ‘. On this project, any divers can join by collecting trash they found on their dive and report to the project’s website. With the aim to protect the ocean and marine wildlife, Project Aware connects adventurous divers with positive actions that give back to the planet. In 2018, they are advancing policies on plastic debris and sharks & rays.