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Product and Sizing

At SLO, What size should I select?

Measurement of the products can be vary in each design. Please feel free to check out our specialised SLO sizing chart [link] to find your perfect fit.

How should I take care of my oceanwear?

All SLO activewear and wetsuits are made using the most high-quality, cutting edge material, FSC certified Yulex Pure, a proper care will maximise its performance and life expectancy, please follow our guide on how to wear and care [link] for your SLO activewears to keep them in the finest condition for many ocean adventures to come!

How are the SLO active products ethical and sustainable?

SLO is founded on the ethos that our choices have an impact. Every consumer decision you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. As pioneers for clean, healthy oceans, we strive to minimise environmental footprint throughout our entire production and supply chain. From sustainable materials to ethical process in a small-scale, high-quality factory. Find out more in detail on how we do it on our Lifecycle Page [link]

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Do you ship to my countries?

Yes, we do ship to most of the places around the world. The common examples of the country that we ship to are the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Countries in Europe Union. For other countries, please feel free to contact us for more information on delivery cost and time.

How much does it cost to ship to my countries outside the UK, and how long does it take?

For international shipping, Delivery time will vary. You will be notified via email confirmation when your order has been dispatched, together with an estimated delivery date.

European Union – £6

USA / Canada – £10

Australia / New Zealand – £10


Rest of the World

please contact us prior to placing your order for an estimated delivery price.

How long does it take to get my product after ordering in the UK?

Shipping is normally processed between 2-7 working days after orders have been placed, through either Royal Mail or courier service.

What is your exchange and returns policy?

We do not accept returns for now, but exchange of products can be arranged under some specific conditions. Please feel free to visit our Returns & Shipping page [link] to read our full exchange and returns policy.

Our cause

As a social enterprise, how do you give back to the society?

Ocean conservation is our cause and we plan to operate on a 3-year plan basis. Our current focus is on combating plastic pollution. We do this by giving donation, giving time, and hands-on work. We dedicate our time to research, and partner with scientists who specialise in worldwide oceanic and environmental issues, to create awareness, educate and raise funds to solve these issues. We also run creative campaigns such as beach clean activities, and other awareness events. To find more on what we do to give back to the society, please visit our Earth to Ocean page [link]

Why Plastic Pollution?

Because plastic pollution is one of the most challenging forms of pollution that we face today, negatively impacting terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and the organisms that live in these habitats. Our land-based daily lifestyle as consumers is the main cause of Plastic Pollution in the ocean, but we believe little ripples can make big waves.

As a customer, how involved am I with your mission?

Through our EARTH TO OCEAN® model, you can help protect our oceans from plastic pollution under the simple concept ‘You Buy, We Give’. When you buy a piece from our Clean Lines collection, we will donate to one of our ocean charity partners of your choice. Find out more about this on our Earth to Ocean page [link]

Join our mission

Do you have any roles open at SLO active?

Yes we do! We are welcome anyone with similar minds to be on board and join our team on accomplishing our goal! Diversive roles are now open. Feel free to email as your CV at janaya@sloactive.com

How do I get in touch with your PR and Marketing department for a press contact?

Please feel free to contact us at janaya@sloactive.com for any press and marketing enquiry.

How to get involved as a SLO ambassador?

We are very happy to welcome like minded ladies to join our ‘fierce females’ feature, feel free to contact us at janaya@sloactive.com for more information.

I still have have questions. How do I get in touch?

Email us at janaya@sloactive.com