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Go SLO, Live Minimal

In this busy and hectic world, we live in. Traditional fashion models tend to encourage fast consumerism driven by surface level, seasonal trends, and consumers shopping based on ‘want over need’ is seen to be apparent.   We want to share how we Go SLO, Live Minimally,...

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Go SLO, Live Conscious

Living consciously is about taking control of our life, about making intentional and deliberate decisions, about having a life that we want rather than settling for the one that befalls us. When we do this, we have the capacity to make the world a better...

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Go SLO, Live Fierce

Being Fierce, strong, and fearless are traits we celebrate and endorse. Activism comes in many different forms and is often made up of daily habits. A significant aspect of our ethos at SLO is female empowerment and telling the stories of fierce females to inspire...

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Go SLO, Live Active

Happy International Surfing Day! Being Active is a crucial part of our brand DNA. The word “active” in our name means activism for the ocean, looking after People and Planet. The SLO lifestyle is for the active woman – both physically and protecting the ocean....

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Take it Slow this Holiday Season

  On the day after Thanksgiving, the world transforms into a consumption machine to celebrate Black Friday. Prices are slashed, lines form at dawn, and people pull out their wallets to buy anything and everything. We’re not opposed to getting a good deal. But we are...

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